Ocean art

Each one of my ocean paintings is totally original and unique, both in colour and composition. Each piece of art can take anywhere from one to three weeks to create depending on the amount of material used. I can apply up to five layers of resin per piece each layer creating more colour and depth. I use real sand, both fine and corse plus the addition of embedded stone, shells and the occasional starfish. 

Commissions - While none of my art can be replicated exactly I can try to recreate something similar if required. If you are interested in a commission piece please email me for a quotation.

While every attempt is made to protect all of my art while drying and/or curing sometimes the paintings/clocks my have small  imperfections on the surface of the paint/resin such as fine bubbles, ripples or small particles that have found a way to the painting and cured within the paint/resin during its 24-48 hour drying stage. This however does not distract from the beauty of the end product.