This stunning clock has really got to be seen in the "flesh" so to speak to truly appreciate the depth of colour which has been created using multiple layers of highly pigmented fluid acrylic. The vivid yellows, oranges and gold appear to glow like a gentle flickering flame. While the addition of the complimentary shades of brown and black add impact. The addition of a top coat of clear resin gives it a glass like shine.


45cm (18") MDF round

Ready to hang

Almost silent quartz clock movement

requires a AA battery (not included)


Signed and dated by the Artist


Comes with a Cerficicate of Authenticity


  • Do not hang your clock in direct sunlight.

    Do not use any harsh cleaning products.

    Hardened epoxy resin is non-toxic and has a certificate of compliance. Please do not use sharp objects on the decorative side as this may damage the surface. Please clean using a soft cloth/brush.