"Athena" is a unique & original fluid art acrylic pour painting. This modern, unusual and dramatic piece of abstract art adds a touch of drama to any space. The 100% stretch cotton canvas measures 80 cms x 60 cms. It can be hung in any orientation depending on the owners' preference.

Every effort has been made to give an accurate representation in the photos, however, a room display app has been used, so please note the actual measurements given in the description. 


A unique piece of original art on canvas, which cannot be recreated. This has been finished with layers of archival gloss varnish to protect from UV light, humidity and other environmental factors.



Signed and dated by the artist. 

Certificate of Authenticity



    The daughter of Zeus, Athena was the goddess of battle strategy and wisdom, with her sacred symbols being the owl and the olive tree. Athena did not have a mother, being born directly from Zeus' head wearing a suit of armour! As goddess of battle strategy, she is the female counterpart of Ares. Athena is the patron god of the Greek city, Athens.